A Thousand Flowers [Ritsu Kasanoda]

A Thousand Flowers [Ritsu Kasanoda]

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"First, if your eyes meet his, you'll suffer three months of nightmares; second, if his shoulders bumps into yours, you'll end up in the hospital; and finally, if you talk back to him, you're going straight to the graveyard." 

But there was more to Kasanoda than just scary looks and a Yakuza background, and the host club knew it. It was just time that someone else did as well.

[ Ritsu Kasanoda x OC //OHSHC ]

Get your mind out of the gutter! How is no one commenting on how he's speaking more than three words and actually made a joke!??!
xXBeBubbyXx xXBeBubbyXx Apr 10
                              U GOTTA BELIEVE ME!
If I'm looking down and they yell look up and I do and BAM I get the ball straight in the face...
AltoSaotome AltoSaotome Jul 15
Watanabe reminds me of that cute Japanese dude from this kdrama Flower boy Next Door
Jackyis19 Jackyis19 Apr 07
Oh in the face that's nothing now when the ball hits the crotch...that's something
Animelovestory Animelovestory Oct 25, 2016
I'm kind of like the OC, I have long black hair that people always want to touch because they say it looks and feels so soft and smooth. And I'm planning to cut it at the last day of sembreak 😊