Bound To You (Previously The Hard Mate) - Preview

Bound To You (Previously The Hard Mate) - Preview

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Alyssa By AlyssaBrandon Updated Aug 19, 2013

She's met her mate . . . and he's met his match.

Megan Ross has been waiting her whole life for her mate to come and sweep her off her feet. But the wolf she meets on the beach is NOT the sweet gentle boy she's been dreaming of. Instead, he's a warrior, one whose suffering has led him to lock his heart away in a prison as cold and hard as a diamond, who fights to resist the bond and their deep attraction.

Far from home, with a soulmate who is still a stranger, Megan learns that the path to true love isn't quite as straight and easy as she thought . . .

This book will be on sale April 10th 2018!
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Diamond-Bling Diamond-Bling Aug 12, 2017
Yeah, I'd like to roleplay with you sometime. I just can't pm so…
CHOGIWA_screamer CHOGIWA_screamer Jul 28, 2017
Should've read this the first time I've read a werewolf book ...
ligiaalberton ligiaalberton May 20, 2017
It has been so long since I've read this.... Came back because I miss it very much!
- - Mar 19, 2016
I read the title "the HARD mate" and I just burst into laughter. Sorry for my dirty mind. hehe ;)
rawritschel rawritschel Feb 15, 2016
I read the manuscript for this book on swoon reads and omg its so amazing! I cant wait till its published! Will definitely be buying.
horneu horneu Nov 06, 2016
in most books people find their mates at eighteen when their wolves are all grown up and stuff