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An Alternative Yandere Simulator

An Alternative Yandere Simulator

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The Great Loli Senpai! By loli321 Updated Apr 20

In this story, Yandere-chan grew tired of Senpai. But it seems that Senpai, has taken a liking to her. After seeing her almost everyday from faraway, observing her silently from the corner of his eyes, he grew feelings for her. And Yandere-chan seems to still have feelings for him too.

BUT Budo, the martial arts club leader, has liked Yandere-chan for a long time now and decided to start making his move. Yandere-chan stopped killing people for love for Senpai and decided on thinking about her future. 

It seems that everything took a turn and Info-chan has two brand new clients. But, who could they be?

Will Budo be able to make Yandere-chan like him or can Senpai once again steal Yandere-chan's heart whole again?

Disclaimer: I do not own these. Yandere-chan and the others. Yandere Dev does though. I only own the plot. (Long flow story ahead)

I ship it! But I also ship Ayano X Taro too... I like her with both of those boys! :)
Tell that to the Yandere Simulator fandom lmao I'm pretty sure more than HALF of the community ships Ayando XD
chopstickks chopstickks Apr 11
i hate the people that say 
                              "ayano x budo's never going to work"
                              omg, okay, we know.
                              but just let us ship what we ship, and you ayano x taro fans ship what you ship. god.
I ship KokonaxRiku AyanaxBudo AyanaxSenpai OkaxAyana! SakixKokona
WorldsGirl WorldsGirl Apr 03
Vivybugs Vivybugs Mar 26
I hate ayano x budo it is never happening and itis anoying taro and yan chan made for each other