An Alternative Yandere Simulator

An Alternative Yandere Simulator

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The Great Loli Senpai! By loli321 Updated Nov 24

In this story, Yandere-chan grew tired of Senpai. But it seems that Senpai, has taken a liking to her. After seeing her almost everyday from faraway, observing her silently from the corner of his eyes, he grew feelings for her. And Yandere-chan seems to still have feelings for him too.

BUT Budo, the martial arts club leader, has liked Yandere-chan for a long time now and decided to start making his move. Yandere-chan stopped killing people for love for Senpai and decided on thinking about her future. 

It seems that everything took a turn and Info-chan has two brand new clients. But, who could they be?

Will Budo be able to make Yandere-chan like him or can Senpai once again steal Yandere-chan's heart whole again?

Disclaimer: I do not own these. Yandere-chan and the others. Yandere Dev does though. I only own the plot. (Long flow story ahead)

jhxndrxx jhxndrxx Jul 28
I don't actually ship it at first, but because of SOME authors, I fell to the hole, where the AyanoxBudo shippers were xx
Thing is....I don't feel taro to be sexy....buto is totes!! So yeah not a good reason but I ship it...\(^///^)/
Zyra002 Zyra002 Sep 23
That moment when you think not many ship a ship but then hundreds of people say other wise XD
Theres tons of shippers these days XD
                              cuz Senpai just hasnt even shown a little sign of noticing to her and he's kind of a coward :3
                              Soooo screw senpai, at least Budo's there
Maybe some of her relatives pay for her food...? Or she has a part-time job...?