The Warrior Prince

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Skylinger By Skylinger Updated 3 years ago
When the warrior kigdom of Zandell attacks Valeria quickly finds her fate in the hands of Prince Lothar;heir to the Zandel throne.Attraction is there but enemies from the past threaten to destroy them. A past Valeria knows nothing about.
lololololol hwn i was going hrougt the hompage and found this book.... i was like this is  good story... then i relalized... HOLY SHOO MY ES VALERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anyways awesome story!!!
will everyone please lookup my new book warrior rising (book one of a three part trilogy) and give me tips on how to improve and your thoughts but it's my first time! thx
This is very good! I'm going to check out your other works and hope you update soon!
This is a good book. Hey I'm new on here and need comments and votes! Just started my first book and need to know whether or not I should continue! Thanks a lot if you do read it!
lulz I read Obsession Of Dracula and ur just as good in this. I chose this one cuz my name is Valerie! whoop!
This is great! I really love your stories! I'm reading six of them and can never wait for the next upload! Keep up the great work! Upload soon please!!!! XD