The Alexandra Diaries

The Alexandra Diaries

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*Extract from The Alexandra Diaries*

""From the day that I met you, I have been filled with guilt. And it eats me alive like it hasn't been fed in years. I'm not the same girl I was when I met you, that girl is dead. And you want to know who killed her? You did." His eyes widen, and it looks like his whole world has just collapsed. "And I hate you for that.""

Betrayal, death, guilt, mistakes, etc. Almost everyone experiences all of those at some point in their life, but that shouldn't make us any less of who we are. 

But what happens when those things consume you and follow you like a dark cloud? What happens when the only thing you can think about day after day, is how you're going to make it to tomorrow? 

It ruins you. It ruined her...