Only Anonymous

Only Anonymous

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It was the day Vanity agreed.  

And it was the best mistake she had ever made.  

When Vanity is forced to go along with her best friend, Holly to the infamous anonymous club where women are blindfolded and men are permitted to have sex namelessly as much as they desire, Vanity only then realises why she hadn't put up much of a fight.   She had wanted this just as much as any other person in the club.  So when Vanity arbitrarily picks a mysterious stranger for her anonymous sex relationship, she truly does not know what to expect - it was downright dangerous.  

Vanity covers her identity with the name Rose along with the man who is known as Tyler. The relationship between them lasts longer than they had both expected.   There are things that should not be seen by the eye, and Tyler is determined to keep it that way. 

But why?

As every day passes, it becomes harder and harder for the couple to not reveal their true identities.   


Because they both felt something new.  

Something they've never felt before.  

An anonymous feeling.  

An anonymous love.

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  • blindfolded
  • secrets
jasminesela jasminesela Aug 01, 2017
This is random but i hate it when im trying to pop my knees and one just doesn't bulge and the satisfaction when it does is like opening a new phone and peeling off the screen thing
-squishkook- -squishkook- Feb 07, 2016
When I saw the names I was like,
                              ROSE TYLER!!! 😍 (Doctor Who reference)
- - Feb 09, 2016
This is so awkward because my most innocent friend is named Holly
diamond767 diamond767 Jan 12, 2016
Dang, watched the video and read the summary, Excited to read!
SadiixxK SadiixxK Dec 16, 2015
Some people are just addicted to dark, steamy thrills. New adventure, new experience thing. We all have that craving. It's just my best friend and I like our one to be less R rated lol
SadiixxK SadiixxK Dec 16, 2015
Like is the understatement of the year lol
                              She gonna effin love it xD