The Nerd (Niam Horayne boyxboy mpreg)

The Nerd (Niam Horayne boyxboy mpreg)

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SmileBeautiful123 By SmileBeautiful123 Updated May 15, 2014

Niall Horan is just known as the 'nerd' in his high school. He gets picked on all the time and even gets beaten up once or twice a week.

Or a day.

His father is an alcoholic ever since his mother and big brother died in a car crash a few years ago. His father isn't even home most of the time. Only to ask Niall for money to go to the bar.

Niall works at Nando's everyday after school. His boss, Paul, is basically more to a father to him then his actual one. 

When he doesn't have work, he still goes there just to talk to Paul.

He works with his best friend Harry. They've known each other for years but Harry goes to a different school then him. He knows what happens to Niall, but Niall won't let him do anything about it.

Niall also has one more problem...

He truly, madly, deeply in love with the schools jock,

Liam Payne.

iseliss iseliss Feb 10
Idk why i was thinking about bdsm.
                              What? Fanfictions will ruin your life
                              In cool way, but sometimes it's annoying.
                              Bcs im too perverze sometimes..
iseliss iseliss Feb 10
olly, what's UP?
                              I WILL KILL YOU, BECAUSE..BECAUSE JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. 
                              BUT IN RL I LIKE U.
                              SORRY OLLY
iseliss iseliss Feb 10
Shut the door, turn the lights off, he wanna be with leeyum.
iseliss iseliss Feb 10
Noo, leeyum, whyy?
                              she's his.
                              Im not zigi shipper.. problem?
iseliss iseliss Feb 10
                              That's why they broke up.
                              He was calling her a chicken.
                              Not funny hah
YourFruitloop YourFruitloop Feb 19, 2017
                              I don't ship Larry but there's a baby so I allow it