Psychotic Tendencies

Psychotic Tendencies

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E X  P L I C I T
In which Cepheus becomes infatuated with Cassiopeia, a girl with Psychotic Tendencies 

"Cassiopeia..." She hummed in response, moving her index finger over the red bite mark at the corner, tracing it before dragging it down his jaw. When her finger came to rest on his chin, she tipped it down, her lips hovering over his,

"I hope that I'm yours and I wish you were mine." 

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FucckingTrash FucckingTrash Sep 29, 2016
I'm thinking we should
                              To a place that we don't know 
                              To a place where no one's seen us before 
                              I'm thinking you and I 
                              Better just go with the flow 
                              Last thing that we should do is go slow
harshtoxins harshtoxins Jun 18, 2016
Gonna start doing this to all my teachers who tell me to get rid of my gum
Jessicaandthewolf Jessicaandthewolf Dec 09, 2016
"When I wake up, 
                              I'm afraid, 
                              that somebody else might take my place.
                              When I wake up,
                              I'm afraid,
                              that somebody else might end up being me
aesthetic_healy aesthetic_healy Aug 22, 2016
Rereading this book because it's sooo good and I'm in love with your writing
chimerly chimerly Mar 12, 2016
chimerly chimerly Mar 12, 2016
can i just say that i always had a thing for guys named seth