The Skin-Changer's Daughter (Hobbit Fanfic)

The Skin-Changer's Daughter (Hobbit Fanfic)

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Nova_Oakenshield By MoonsongMarauder Updated Jul 03, 2017

Eleana is a Half-Elf. She's lived in Lothlorien for many years, ever since her village was destroyed by orcs. She is also a Skin-Changer. Her mother was an elf, her father the notorious Beorn. 

She has lived happily under the care of the lady Galadriel for many long years but when Gandalf the Grey sends for her, she must obey the call of duty. Gandalf has asked her to help on a quest that involves 13 dwarves and a hobbit, where will their journeys take them? 

*All credit for the original story goes to the best author ever J.R.R Tolkien.

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Ovskyaya Ovskyaya Oct 30, 2017
Spirit as the the stallion of the chamarian (sp?)
                              *insert wide grain here*
lilchlo02 lilchlo02 Apr 18, 2016
Wow Ellie I never thought I would like it but is actually amazing