The Black Demon

The Black Demon

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soloplayer123 By soloplayer123 Updated Jul 17

First of all a disclaimer I do not own RWBY everything in the show belongs to their rightful owner.

Imagine a world where you had nothing to begin with no allies, friend or a family you were all alone until one day someone took you in and you felt like you finally belonged in the world only to lose all of it again.

 Follow the story of (Y/N) and find about his past and see if anyone from Beacon can help him find peace once again.

RWBY x Male Reader 

P.S this is my first story so I'm sorry if it ends up being terrible T-T.

DarkX_24 DarkX_24 May 18
Not trying to be mean or anything but it's kind of bad write when you do this.
                              Winter: hey, author *looks at you/author with a small wave*
                              It's kind of districting and for me very annoying because it makes the story seem so boring, not saying u have to change it but it's good advice
luis-jimmy luis-jimmy Mar 02
If I had to choose I would choose yang or Blake and amazing story see ya
velocity415 velocity415 May 02
I've read this on quotetv so I don't know if you made this or you just copied and paste
Yo solo nice work also we have two pet gwimm -gives a dark chuckle-
How are you going to end the story with the characters? Because I was going to suggest that you do a chapter for each character ending, that has the reader with one of the characters