Simple Kind Of Life

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[Sequel to 'Bathwater'.]
    The story goes that Hermione and Draco lived happily ever after, right? Well, it's been fifteen years since the Marriage Law, and now someone has begun to destroy what was meant to last forever. Can Draco and Hermione fight to keep their family together, or will they let it shatter?
Well,in the 7th BOOK Harry reveals to VoldyMoldy that Draco owned the elder wand
Nice entertaining chapter:) one question , we know ari is thirteen but how old is scorp and baby dem ??
I love Blaise! 
                                    They're never gonna  let  Draco forget about the bouncing white ferret!!!!! Lol
Absolutely loved it. A very good start to what looks like an excellent sequel! I love Blaise!
Oh my god! Yessss! I seriously stayed up all night long last night finishing bathwater because it was sooooooo good! And now there is another! You seriously just made my life worth living! :)))))) seriously you just made so happy I can't even express it!
Also thank you for dedicating this to me! I feel so special!!!! X)