Fall In Love With Me | k.mgyu and c.tzuyu

Fall In Love With Me | k.mgyu and c.tzuyu

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Description sucks, read for yourself :)

Let me tell you this first.

[ This is a Mingyu and Tzuyu fanfiction, if ever you aren't a fan of Tzuyu but a fan of Mingyu, and if ever you don't like my idea that Tzuyu in my story, please don't comment any inappropriate comments. And the opposite, if you're a fan of Tzuyu and not Mingyu, you may leave, the door is always open :) but if you do, please read so! ]


Once in a lifetime, Tzuyu never had a boyfriend nor crush to any guys! She's really a smart & brilliant girl, before things got complicated.

Tzuyu has been doing these really stupid lies to her friends.

That she do have a boyfriend, by lie!

She has been doing those lies, because she didn't want being abandoned by her only trusted friends. But because she did it,

 She had to do so much effort! 

She had to figure out, what will she have to answer.

She was afraid everytime her friends brag and bring up their boyfriends. She tried escaping once, but got caught.

It got out of hand when they asked her to meet her boyfriend!

They've always been curious about her boyfriend about what he looks like and what kind of person he is.

Unfortunately, Tzuyu kept making excuses.


Mingyu overheard their conversation and not so bad, he had to help! It was a really good offer and a really great help to Tzuyu!

My description sucks, but my plot twist is really amazing. Not bragging :))

Chapter still getting edited! If you're confused, kindly wait for the edited chapters.

Find out more by reading FILWM!

Ongoing story! Recent update - March 22, 2017.

PinkPeaches_13 PinkPeaches_13 May 11, 2016
I am sooo gonna LOVE this story . Since I ship Mingyu and Tzuyu sooo mucchhh!!!!😍❤❤❤❤❤❤
01EROTICA 01EROTICA Jul 15, 2016
I never realized it till now but tzuyu and mingyu would make a good couple ✨