Fall In Love With Me //Mingyu And Tzuyu Fanfic.

Fall In Love With Me //Mingyu And Tzuyu Fanfic.

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ChaseWrittings. By Jihoon-Camera Updated 5 days ago

Tzuyu, who was force to have a fake boyfriend by lying. But one day her bestfriends asked her to meet him, what is she suppose to show? Mingyu overheard their conversation, so he helped Tzuyu having one. By faking and lying.

Who is that guy? What did Mingyu help?

Hence, little did they know, they actually fell for each other already.

Then, they both slowly by slowly became together!

[WARNING: Use of some language, matured content!, drama&misery.]


I am sooo gonna LOVE this story . Since I ship Mingyu and Tzuyu sooo mucchhh!!!!😍❤❤❤❤❤❤
I never realized it till now but tzuyu and mingyu would make a good couple ✨