Just a Taste (SAMPLE)

Just a Taste (SAMPLE)

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April Mansten: nineteen years old, blonde, beautiful... and also daughter to Mario Mansten, a renowned bounty hunter, and as badass as they come in the bounty hunting world.

Kellan Reed: twenty-three years old, dark, dangerous, and deadly... at least according to some. April's always thought of him as a complete and utter jackass. He's come far in the few years he's been bounty hunting thanks to Mario, the only father figure he's ever really known. 

The two are polar opposites when it comes to their upbringing. April having grown up in a loving and caring home, until tragedy breaks it apart. And Kellan, who has been through foster home after foster home, the only stability he's ever experienced coming through the Manstens and the kindness they extended towards a troubled teenager. Mario was great to him; first as an adviser while he was in school, and later as a mentor as he eagerly embraced the bounty hunting world. 

This is their story, one which is filled with deplorable betrayal, unspeakable heartache, and a fragile truce that blossoms into... love?

  • best
  • betrayal
  • bounty
  • break
  • cancer
  • criminals
  • deaf
  • fear
  • friend
  • hunter
  • issues
  • money
  • past
  • police
  • present
  • secrets
RachelBowkett RachelBowkett Jul 15, 2017
I learnt a couple years ago how to speak BSL (British sign language)
bdavenport14 bdavenport14 Nov 18, 2017
What age did her mom die At bc she was 14 when kellan was invited to dinner with the whole family but u just said she died when she was 12 along with her nana
TheAmazingFridge TheAmazingFridge Mar 24, 2017
Im confused as to how the word assuaged is used in this sentence. The word assuaged means to take away stress and to make something less intense. I don't see how in this paragraph he was assuaged or was NOT assuaged.becayse they werent making anything less intense, so.....
ishar13 ishar13 Aug 23, 2017
He should be in the worlds strictest parents programme😂😂
SweetSydney SweetSydney Dec 27, 2017
I literally just found this book December 26th, 2017 at 10pm 😂😂😂 can’t wait to buy it when it’s published👏👏👏
Onew_is_Mine Onew_is_Mine Oct 19, 2017
4’9” is tall for an 11 year old. For me it would’ve been. I didn’t hit 5’ until freshman year when I was 13.