Little Dirty Secret (Akabane Karma X Reader)

Little Dirty Secret (Akabane Karma X Reader)

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ImShishi By ImShishi Updated 18 hours ago

Little Dirty Secret
(Akabane Karma X Reader)

You're one of the most popular girl in school you've always been second next to Gakushu Asano. They treat you like a Queen and Asano thinks of you as his perfect match to be his mate.

You looked perfect just like your grades but then you still have a background being Akabane Karma's childhood friend from class 3-E.

Everyone turns the issue down and looked at the good stuffs since they think you're dating Gakushu Asano but you have this Little Dirty Secret with Akabane Karma that should be just kept for just the two of you..

noirsbooty noirsbooty May 30
Hell YEAH!! MY KINK IS TO BE NO MORE TO BE SHAMED!! Oh wait i said that outloud?
Fabalishes Fabalishes 11 hours ago
If this just happened to me. We wouldn't be fùcking. We'd be barawlin.
"Bïtch imma kíll you! You don't wanna fūck with me! Girl please, you ain't nothing but a slūt to me!"- eminem
                              This reminded me of this song
Cvhztree Cvhztree Jun 24
Karma I'm gone bye...5 minutes later....GUYS GIVE ME BLEACH!!!!
Fabalishes Fabalishes 11 hours ago
Is this a karma x reader or a asano (aka karma look alike) x reader??
Wow. I only said I have to go and now this. You know what ... f*ck you.f*ucky f*cky f*cky you!!!!