You're Not Alone   (Asano joins E-class Assassination Classroom Fanfiction)

You're Not Alone (Asano joins E-class Assassination Classroom Fanfiction)

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satan's daughter By Angelicpowerrune Completed

Asano Gakushuu has had it. All of his life he tried to make his dad proud. He always had the highest test scores and he always behaved properly. Yet when Akabane Karma beat him And he landed second place, the chairman did not care. Mabey it would be for the best to end it all.

Trigger warning 

Disclaimer : I own nothing but the plot.

  • 3-e
  • asano
  • assassination
  • assassinationclassroom
  • comedy
  • depreciation
  • drama
  • gakushuu
  • karma
  • korosensei
  • suicide
  • tragedy
Wait. This kid just attempted suicide by jumping off a bridge, and you found NO injuries!!!!! What, was this bridge like two meters high, or something?!?!?!?!
lost-seoul lost-seoul Apr 17
It’s confusing without punctuation that illustrates speech and such
narwhal_friend narwhal_friend Oct 19, 2016
Oh look the bastard actually cares about his son (no offense to anyone)
JaxonCat-CyrCyanide JaxonCat-CyrCyanide Nov 25, 2016
Can you please start using quotations? It's really annoying to read, and I'm actually interested, so it's ruining a good book that I otherwise would've enjoyed. -.-
miracleboi miracleboi Aug 21, 2016
Maybe it will be a lot more legible if you use quotation marks ...
_Empress_Mavis_ _Empress_Mavis_ Jan 08, 2017
Can you spell? (No offence, I cannot either, just use auto correct)