Lauren Jauregui Imagines

Lauren Jauregui Imagines

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InTheTreehouse By InTheTreehouse Updated Oct 14

Just a bunch of Lauren Jauregui imagines. 

Every chapter has a caption, so you can kind of expect where the story is gonna go.

I suggest you start somewhere in the middle, since the first few where pretty shit (this is not me being humble, it's the truth) 

Requests and feedback are always welcome!

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Same here but I'm better at English than at Chinese (I'm Chinese but not from China(I just have to point that out))
My first language is a English but I’m also Latina French and Italian so my English is just mixed up now
camrennation camrennation Dec 26, 2016
lmaoo i do that too. i'll accidentally curse in a situation where i shouldn't then when i go to apologize i usually end up cursing in my apology on accident
*Selena's voice* Tell me- tell me- tell me something I don't know
Same Spanish is mine and then there's French and a little Chinese, then english
LukeMcAnn LukeMcAnn Apr 05, 2016
You have an amazing writting skills. Keep it up sweet cheeks! 
                              Ps. Love your imagines :))