Lauren Jauregui Imagines

Lauren Jauregui Imagines

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InTheTreehouse By InTheTreehouse Updated Dec 25, 2017

Just a bunch of Lauren Jauregui imagines. 

Every chapter has a caption, so you can kind of expect where the story is gonna go.

I suggest you start somewhere in the middle, since the first few where pretty shit (this is not me being humble, it's the truth) 

Requests and feedback are always welcome!

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NatureLover24 NatureLover24 Dec 08, 2017
Same here but I'm better at English than at Chinese (I'm Chinese but not from China(I just have to point that out))
Isabella9941 Isabella9941 Nov 05, 2017
My first language is a English but I’m also Latina French and Italian so my English is just mixed up now
camrennation camrennation Dec 26, 2016
lmaoo i do that too. i'll accidentally curse in a situation where i shouldn't then when i go to apologize i usually end up cursing in my apology on accident
ThisIsTheLyfe ThisIsTheLyfe Feb 23, 2017
*Selena's voice* Tell me- tell me- tell me something I don't know
drippykiddpooh drippykiddpooh Feb 22, 2017
Same Spanish is mine and then there's French and a little Chinese, then english
LukeMcAnn LukeMcAnn Apr 05, 2016
You have an amazing writting skills. Keep it up sweet cheeks! 
                              Ps. Love your imagines :))