Haruhi's Twin SISTER

Haruhi's Twin SISTER

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Shikuro Kuroshika By RaNdOmGiRlLASZL Updated Apr 20

Everyone thought Haruhi was the only child....

But the truth behind...

Is that when Fujioka,Kotoko accepted a case and been targeted among one of the deadliest organization....

Her twin was lost along with the death of her mother when she was 5 yrs. old.

Now, 10 years has gone by....

The other twin finally appeared out of nowhere.....

But is she the one Haruhi had known?
What will the host club think of her?

Find out the story of...
Fujioka, Chikuro

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Starmon06 Starmon06 Nov 14, 2017
Bro how you did  the character information is  so.................BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As soon as I read Black Blood I thought of Black Blood Brothers XD
I'm a Scorpio.... I'm supposedly really scary..... only when I'm angry
Alekz_Park Alekz_Park Mar 25
First thing in my mind after reading Black Blood..."Chrona/Corona...why did you give her the freakin black blood! Isn't Soul enough!" Yeah so......
AshleeKakegamic9 AshleeKakegamic9 Dec 05, 2016
Why not "Vampire Knight"???...sorry I just like that anime😂😅😓
- - Dec 25, 2016
I'm scared because my uncle John's last name is Burton, too...