Angst & Fluff Romance |Various X Reader|

Angst & Fluff Romance |Various X Reader|

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火龍 李神 By OtakuGamerPro101 Updated Nov 01

Welcome to my book of anime oneshots! 
This is an angst book, where the reader is either cheated on, hurt, etc. 
It is also a book for fluffiness, where the reader is spending quality time or being a happy bee with the love of their life, etc.

Feel free to request any anime/manga/manhwa/manhua you want me to do and I shall do your oneshot without any protest! Unless I'm busy of course  


Disclaimer: I don't own the cover image and the animes - just the oneshots!

Note: Manhwa (Korean) or Manhua (Chinese) is the general term for comics and print cartoons like manga. 
The difference is that, manga is black and white, whereas the Manhwa & Manhua are coloured.

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Aww requests closed? This is the only book that had Nurarihyon no Mago and does Rihan/Nurarihyon requests because most either don't know ow the anime or don't do these two because they're married. Guess I'm waiting till requests open.
OtakuGamerPro101 OtakuGamerPro101 Mar 04, 2016
So it's: 
                              Name: Sara red
                              Age: 16
                              Crush: Blossom
                              Personality: Hyper, confident, loyal and anger problems
                              Abilities: Can turn invincible
                              Features: Brown hair with pink highlights along with brown eyes. 
                              I presume you want a Yuri oneshot with the famous blossom of power puff Z?