Experiment 013 | Tokyo Ghoul

Experiment 013 | Tokyo Ghoul

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⚜ By zombigail-chan Updated Mar 30, 2016

"My adorable, grotesque, beautiful, hideous little girl," she cooed sweetly, adorning a smile as radiant as heaven, yet inhabiting an intention as evil as hell, "it's time for your checkup."



Experiment Status Report
File no. 043

Subject: Experiment 013 
Codename: Aiko Akumu

Description: Female, 16 years of age, no confirmed medical diseases -- healthy status, abilities are progessing impressively. 

Days left until [ Operation CCG ]: 0 


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Experiment 013 | zombigail-chan

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Mother knows best~
                              Take it from rest~
                              knows best~
Katwithak27 Katwithak27 Jul 12
People say it's so hard to say 'I love you'. Those people are clearly naïve or good hearted. 'I love you' are just the words 'love', 'you', and 'I' put in such an order that's supposed to mean something, and they're so easy to say no matter how you really feel.
Cerberus_SV Cerberus_SV Jun 20
Bitch please! My great Grandma loves me more than you do, and she's dead!
Um, she's only 16
                              *Starts singing*
                              Sweet sixteen sixteen sixteen sixteen sixteen sixteen~
BeanKarma BeanKarma Jun 26
Bïtch I hope the Fück u do or you'll be a ded son of a bïtch I'll tell u dat
Woofie-Chan Woofie-Chan Mar 07, 2016
This is really well done! I can't wait for the next chapter!