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~Misunderstandings~ Aphmau FF

~Misunderstandings~ Aphmau FF

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Ya donna need to know. By _GamerGirlXL_ Updated Jul 25, 2016

People who are probaly not noticed and pushed to the background are usually misunderstand. Since their true self is not shown. 


So, many people are usually their self, especially with other people, but some act the exact opposite of themselves, usually for popularity. For power.

But this specific girl does the complete opposite, to remained the hidden when she could be the most feared, or loved, person in school.

And her name is Jessica, but commonly known by an allied name, Aphmau.

Skilled in Many martial arts, smart and courageous, but hides it away with glasses, and a timid act.

And that timid act leads her outer self, to be that shy nerd that's usually bullied by the popular common mean girls.

After aciddently sleeping during a project, she finds out that she's the one and only, Irene's reborn. 

But how will she survive with school, and suffering the fact that she also has to keep this a secret?

Now I wonder.....

ShadowWolfGal ShadowWolfGal Nov 01, 2016
So he does "One -Night Stands" or he's just a jackass born from a broken condom?
Katkat130 Katkat130 Sep 26, 2016
TRAVIS WHY *spays him with water in a spray bottle* BAD TRAVIS, BAD