Worth a Penny (KHS; Anime Fanfiction; Sasusaku)

Worth a Penny (KHS; Anime Fanfiction; Sasusaku)

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Sakura's POV 

I walked straight to the north side of the fountain. Tears flooded my emerald eyes, as it streamed down my face. Hopelessly wishing on the fountain, holding a penny.

Sasuke's POV

I was at the south part of the wishing fountain on our neighborhood park. I felt guilty, anger, pity and confusion. I should've been there for her. I messed up, a lot. This is the only thing left I could think about doing.


"I wish she would come back." Sasuke threw a penny, as a teardrop fell from his face, regretting what he had done.


"I wish they would know the truth about her and that they would know what I'm feeling right now." Sakura threw her penny. She wiped her tears off of her hopeless face.

The two walked away in different directions. Not knowing that the person they wanted to see was so close.


What could've happened? Why was their last hope was making a wish on a fountain? Why couldn't they just talk to each other?

Find out the answers throughout the story. This is my first fan fiction and english is NOT my first language so, sorry if I have many grammatical errors. The setting will take place on Konohagakure High School. This is a Naruto fan fiction and the couples are obvious, I suppose. I do NOT own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does. Anyways, hope you enjoy! :D

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Yamato2020 Yamato2020 Sep 16
She. Forgot. My. Mans. Shino. 
                              Who if you didn't know, is the coolest SHINOBEE
Yamato2020 Yamato2020 7 days ago
I'm so shook. Where the hell is Shino? He's the best one there honestly
Yamato2020 Yamato2020 7 days ago
I really don't like this new girl ami. She seems like a crummy person. Specially the "people who get in my way" part. Grrr
Whaaa? Naruto noticed that?! How, he's so dense and oblivious?😂
who tf leaves a fuckin pizza? heck id even eat the fvcking box
Yamato2020 Yamato2020 6 days ago
This girl is funny af for this. You think you can beat a girl of her strength, trained by Lady Tsunade herself, and win? BÏTCH PLEAAASE BACK THE FUK UP! And you thought Sasuke would be yours....And then the hair flip...pls I hope she meets death soon