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Love Me Instead [Sans VS Gaster!Sans X Reader] (EDITING)

Love Me Instead [Sans VS Gaster!Sans X Reader] (EDITING)

175K Reads 6.1K Votes 55 Part Story
'Bi'neapple By PineappleGalore001 Completed

When a mishap in a reset happens and a character from another version is transported into the current world and timeline, what happens?
Gaster!Sans, bad-skele-boy from EchoTale is confused to see that he had landed in a different, yet familiar world: Undertale! Apparently, in meeting with his 'original' version, they seem to be OK with one-another, UNTIL...
(Thank you, @yourebluenow for the cover!)
Book 2 Is here! it has the same name and cover, but with 'Part 2' in the title!

PrincessGenevev PrincessGenevev Jul 27, 2016
every time i click a lemon I end up reading it, closing it, watching kitten videos on youtube, and ask myself why i read it in the first place. So THANK ASGORE FOR THIS!
JayTara JayTara May 14, 2016
I love you already author-San! Your account has two of my favourite things in the universe.. Sans and pineapples!!
Norwegian_Commie Norwegian_Commie Aug 29, 2016
Thanks! No lemons! I dunno why but whenever I read lemons....I feel like I'm havin a f*cking secure (is that how u even spell it? I dunno :p)
Sans_UNDERTALE_ Sans_UNDERTALE_ Oct 09, 2016
Oh god two of me fighting over yall? What has my life become?
B-Z_Flame B-Z_Flame Oct 26, 2016
Sorry but I'm request dem limes haha no lemons but you got nothing against limes😜
17Sansy 17Sansy Jun 30, 2016
TIBIA(see what I did) honest I love all sans so I can't decide