Waiting For Midnight (Chat Noir x Reader) [WATTYS 2017]

Waiting For Midnight (Chat Noir x Reader) [WATTYS 2017]

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WHERE IS SHIRO By samseaa Updated Jan 02

Y/n L/n received a scholarship to the best college in France, so she and her parents left their home town for the City Of Love.
Y/n fares well in school, and makes more than a couple of friends, but at night, midnight to be precise, is when her life really gets interesting.

Can she identify who her midnight visitor is?

Or will she be left in the dark like the rest of the world?

ShailenJ ShailenJ May 01
My best friend is called Paris so I'm reading I'm mining to Paris and my best friend Paris is seeing me off 😂😂
pheonexfire pheonexfire Jun 29
Wait if I'm going too college and they go to high school,what I don't know anymore
My house would be painted the most obnoxious colors so people won't want to come over
Yoosung_Kim_Potato Yoosung_Kim_Potato Nov 20, 2016
IF that my actual house, everything would be blue, green, and sea-green
I would like to let you know that it's check in baggage, not off-board luggage.
crunch45 crunch45 Sep 06, 2016
you could change the color to black :/ sorry for being rude but still...