hunter rowland

hunter rowland

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i just finished watching hunters broadcast and it was not that late yet.
y/n lives in phoenix where hunter lives
u go to diff schools tho
u decided to hit  up ur bff jake and go to town and maybe watch a movie. u text jake

to jake:
hey hun  wanna go watch a movie?

from jake:
of course sweetie what time?

to jake:

from jake:
ill be there in five gorgeous:)

to jake:
see u:)

u heard from everyone that he liked u but u refuse to believe it, u too r way too close and that would change everything

he picks u up and u get there. u suggest that u guys skip the movie and go get candy and dinner and he agrees. 

omg. no way. thats not him. yes it is. its hunter rowland coming my way with brandon and jacob. of course they r on tour together but wut r  the odds? u immediately walk up to him nd ask for a hug and a pic
your pov-
holy sh*t I'm hugging hunter rowland!! he's hugging me so tight omg he's adorable:)

hunters pov-
wowza my fans r stunning. but this one really is gorgeous she's with a guy.... should i still make a move?

jakes pov-
who's this ugly guy with a big forehead r they dating? does she like him? I'm gonna get to the bottom of this crap, she's mine

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hbr_wife2003 hbr_wife2003 Nov 28, 2016
This is my life he lives right down the road from me and I have never met him sadly