"Baby, Lukey..." °°°5SOS ot4 AU°°° || #Wattys2016

"Baby, Lukey..." °°°5SOS ot4 AU°°° || #Wattys2016

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kpop trash™ By kawaiiashton__ Updated Jun 18

Calum: Dominant

Ashton: Dominant

Luke: Submissive

Michael: Submissive

4 boys, one relationship, a lot of getting used to.

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You can drop out when you're in the ninth grade? I WAS THIRTEEN WHEN I WAS IN THE NINTH GRADE I'M CONFUSED
wallflowerjimin wallflowerjimin Jul 16, 2016
Isn't that like illegal? At an age that young wouldn't your parents get in trouble?
-Bandlands- -Bandlands- Aug 07, 2016
I asked my mom can I drop out and she hit me with her spoon and ranted about why I should stay in school
-gayboyhowell -gayboyhowell Jul 26, 2016
I asked my mom if I could do that and lemme tell you,it didn't go so well
tadpoles_bbyturtles tadpoles_bbyturtles Sep 19, 2016
Roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly
                              I bet you could say
                              This escalated quickly
creator1dx creator1dx Aug 11, 2016
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