Peridot x Reader

Peridot x Reader

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"I can tell you that there are things on this planet worth protecting!" - Peridot

In Bloomberg High, there's nothing special, really. You have your group of friends, your dose of homework and a normal family.

Until, one day, you bump into a girl named Peridot. She's different, you've never met anybody like her before. She's smart, nice, funny, but... she's not from around your block. Or, your planet, to be exact.

She came to Earth for a mission, and she was sticking around longer than she had planned. That's when she turns your entire life upside down. Wrecking your entire life, but making it better at the same time. Could it lead to a complicated, but enjoying friendship?

Or maybe...

Something even more?


Mines WOULD be spanish since I'm mexican and it would be an easy subject, but on the other hand, I haven't gone to high school.
Writer-Aya Writer-Aya Sep 11
Yeah that's the same for me but I actually would love to learn french