The Fight For Love | ✓

The Fight For Love | ✓

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❝Sometimes falling for the enemy is inevitable❞


To be published - coming 2018

Completed on June 25, 2016


❝They told me I couldn't, so I proved them wrong. I fought to find myself and now that I have, l fight for everyone and everything I love.

This is my fight for love.❞


Everyone knows about the typical nerd who gets bullied. If you ask the students of Rosewood High school what the definition of the typical nerd was, then they would say Anastasia Stone. When her crush, also known as her best guy friend Kendall betrays her, she leaves town with a broken heart.

Now two years later, she isn't the same girl anymore. She's a fighter and it's time for her to return to the school that caused so many problems, but the worst part is... Nobody is going to know the real her because now, she's going to have to disguise herself as the girl she used to be.

Then there's the typical bad boy, Ryder Gonzalez who loves to get drunk, party, and have one night stands. But that's not all... No, he's the leader of the second strongest gang in the country while Anastasia's dad is the first.

Anastasia's life isn't easy, especially since there's someone who wants her.

The infamous Ryan Slade, ex-member of Anastasia's dads gang and now, leader of the third strongest gang. He's always wanted Anastasia all to himself. He's willing to do anything to have her, even if that means drugging her into believing she's his.

Will Ryder find out her secret? Can he break down her walls? Will he fall for her because we all know that you can love your enemy too. 

Will both of their lives be changed forever? What will happen to them after high school? Follow Anastasia on her journey to fight for love...

fontell_b fontell_b Jun 03
I dont want to change anything in it because i love it. And for me the story is perfect although there are words and corrections that needed to be changed aside from that i dont want it to change.
Before the alternative ending please let it end with ryder and ana being happy
VadlifulUnknown VadlifulUnknown Dec 12, 2016
I think I voted around 200 times the last day. My thumbs hurt
Nablai Nablai Jul 19, 2016
An absolutely great book..:)jus couldn't stop reading it.. Awesome job for a newbie writer..:) Wish you all the best for your future books.. God bless..:D
Supernatural_AJ Supernatural_AJ Jul 19, 2016
xena1210 xena1210 Dec 29, 2016
Who hear thinks auto correct is out to get them 🙋🙌🙌🙋