Badass nerd can fight

Badass nerd can fight

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TRINITY SUNALEE ♔ By trinitystories_xo Completed

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They called me weak.

They said I would break.

But I am fierce.

I am a survivor.

And I am a FIGHTER...!

Anastasia Stone. The typical nerd. She was bullied and had only one friend.. Kendall. Everything was fine. Until, he betrayed her.. she couldn't bare the pain, so she left town with a broken heart. 

Now two years later, she isn't the same little nerd anymore... She's a badass fighter. It's time for her to return to the school that caused so many problems... But the worst part is.. nobody is going to know the real her... because now she's going to have to disguise herself as the nerd she used to be...

Ryder Gonzalez. The typical bad boy. He loves to party, get drunk, and have one night stands. But that's not all.. He's the leader of the second strongest gang in the country while Anastasia's dad is the first.

Anastasia's life isn't easy, especially since there's someone who wants her..

Ryan Slade. He's the leader of the third strongest gang. He's always wanted Anastasia in his gang and he's willing to do anything to have her... Even if that means drugging her into believing she's his.

Everyone thinks she's still that weak, pushover girl.. Boy are they wrong.

Will Ryder find out her secret? Can he break Down her walls? Will he fall for her even though she's his enemy? Follow this roller coaster of love and hate..



**Trailer is on the first chapter (:

**Sequel to BNCF = Badass in the Shadows 

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or a Instagram account and post videos od the convention for those who cant make it
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IM GOING I HOPE I C U @trinitystories_xo  TY FOR POSTING THIS OR I WOULD NOT HAVE KNOWN! A bunch of my friends and I r going now! Hope I c u there!
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My sister @spirittowander says that u might make this a published book? Is this true? If so I will be the first one to buy your book I will read it over and over again.
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I wish it was in Orlando Florida. But I feel bad for people out of the country
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@trinitystories_xo I hope you have fun, but you better come back with another chapter to give me!!!