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Titan love (female! Reader X hanji

Titan love (female! Reader X hanji

9.1K Reads 458 Votes 11 Part Story
❤️Hanji Zoë❤️ By Hanji_Zoe27 Completed

When you joined the survey corps, one woman changed you. You've had feelings for Eren when you were younger, but when you saw her, she changed your feelings for Eren. 
You both shared the love for Titans, but will someone get in the way of your relationship?
There was no way in hell you would go out with Eren now, he's made feelings for you, but is Hanji jealous?
Read to find out!
(Sorry for the dramatic intro XD got carried away there!)

A1ex__ A1ex__ Jan 23
Daaaammmmnnn, I've been reading a shït ton of Levi X reader stories and I've never heard that one. But sorry Levi, wrong fanfic
A1ex__ A1ex__ Jan 23
'Prayers won't help anything' 
                              ~*me before going to school*
                              ~*me before test*
                              ~*me knowing an anime character is gonna die*
                              ~*me talking about my life*
                              ~*me talking about anything*
                              Damn. I guess I really am depressed...
oh my god im in school and i almost just fell out of my chair laughing
in school my name is satan and people say im for hell, and i dont want those titans around
1Animewolf 1Animewolf Feb 21
Anyone here that took more time reading the comments rather than the story? XD
i am 11 in real life and swear so much my friends think im in insane