Insecure ☪ Kim Taehyung

Insecure ☪ Kim Taehyung

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❝ You're beautiful.❞

❝ Don't lie.❞

❝ I would never do that to you.❞


He's in love with her because he doesn't see her extra weight as a problem. It's beautiful, every part of her is.


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We totally need more chubby girls fanfics  in wattpad 😮😀😀 U I was so shock once readed this page
kesh_07 kesh_07 Aug 19
Does bunnies eat potato's? I mean i would have been dead if they do.
seodaddy seodaddy Aug 04
I'd be too heavy to even carry, I guess this is a harry carry
                              Get the pun? No... I'll go home...
shrubb-y shrubb-y Oct 19
Lmao me I get over excited for stupid reasons 
                              Like once a flower was dead on the side walk and I was like *GASP* MR FLOWER IS CHU OKAY *gives cpr*
seodaddy seodaddy Aug 04
Then why am I still single.
                              Oh wait, cause I'm even a trash person yay 😄
bebebaba- bebebaba- Jun 06, 2016
- you're insecure. Dunno what for, you're Turning heads when you walk through the d-o-O-r