The Artists |phan|

The Artists |phan|

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|phan au| 
Dan's constantly bullied,leaving him in a sad state of mind, spray painting up the walls of his town with dark metaphorics.
Keeping his art skills a secret as he is a 'criminal of state' (for vandalism).

Phil (punk) is part of a bully group, unhappy that nothing is real in his life. He's unloved & sadness is brewing in his stomach. His only getaway from life is by painting bright&colorful canvases and entering it into the library's art competition each week and winning as anonymous.

What happens when two secret art prodigies that have been admiring each other's works, collide paths in an unexpected way?!

• angst, action packed, fluff

---trigger warning here---
(Plz do not read this book if any of the following things bother you, I want you all to be happy and healthy) 

Triggers include:

Mentions of depression,suicide,anxiety,unconventional households,abusive language and physical actions.

- - Aug 23
In a church corridor and I can't help but to think no I can't help but to think in exchanging of word (I love you, I love you too)
So, his other classes are like Hades, and lunch is like Tartarus.