Only Us (Laurmau FF) Discontinued

Only Us (Laurmau FF) Discontinued

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ıllıllı αℓεxιs ıllıllı By daylight_sweets Updated Sep 30, 2016

She ran, ran away from home... now coming back knowing it's too late, everyone and everything she once loved is gone.

Everyone needs too break out of their shell at some point, so when push comes a shove all you can do is live by today and wait until tomorrow comes. It's a new start, new village, friends, and family so let's make it worth it.

Aphmau is a normal girl, but living with no respect that she would like to see shown by her parents, she ran away hoping everything would work out... about a day in, she regrets everything so she heads home but only to see her living nightmare. All she can do is to forget and move on.... Until someone shows up
Minecraft Diaries Fanfiction// All characters belong to the lovey Aphmau herself!! 

This book is discontinued (seen in title) I started this book back when I was almost 11 or 12, I've never really planned out this book it was sort of rushed and I'm not pleased where the plot has gone...but wanting to soon write again (XD I sound like a superhero) 

~Bye my Sweets<3 (Thank you all)

ShivertheWolf ShivertheWolf Jun 27, 2016
It's okie!!! You just got to keep practicing!!! I know I'm a rlly crappy writer too, so I can relate to what ur saying. 😉😅
Cherry_blossom_14 Cherry_blossom_14 Apr 22, 2016
How do people gain so much watchers on their first book?! what are ur secrets?!
XxLydiaSenpaixX XxLydiaSenpaixX Mar 15, 2016
Awesome story!Your a great writer,DA BEST OF THE BEST
                              (◠‿◠✿) lol srry I had to
ArtistsRetreat ArtistsRetreat Jun 27, 2016
And then u start saying my sweets for just about every update😑
thisnolongerexsists thisnolongerexsists Apr 15, 2016
Noo plz I have been up for three hours reading Laurmau Fanfics. Strictly Laurmau and I really want to like this story! Plz no Garmau! But I am excited to read this
Undertale_Girl890 Undertale_Girl890 Jun 22, 2016
I knew I wasn't the only Laurmau fan. But reply if u hate how aph has Aarmau in every series