Saku no Akumu ( Pastel Nightmare ) #Wattys2016

Saku no Akumu ( Pastel Nightmare ) #Wattys2016

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#thegagis By lemvnade Updated Oct 04

**contains graphic depiction of gore**


Known to the world as the hottest new underground MMO game to hit the market, Palisade Nightmare has taken the world by storm. What buyers and gamers alike don't know, is that they control the lives of actual people forced into rounds of fighting for the brutal entertainment of the deranged and wealthy.

***tentatively scheduled for Monday and/or Fridays updates***

current cover by moi
previous cover by @bloodyxpyscho
trailer by @barmpot-

horror #24 ( 10.4.16 )

This seems very unique and different to most books. The question that is foaming at my mouth is why everyone died at the end. Can't wait to meet the other characters!
AparnaGR AparnaGR Mar 18
It sounds interesting :) but in the ending everyone will die :(
lively hopefully english that is the international language of the WORLD watching friday the 13th on saturday great.
Asioli Asioli May 29
Is it your time of the month?
                              Sorry for the period joke lol
!!!! This is very interesting and different and it kind of reminds me of The Book Thief when death literally tells his readers that almost everyone dies. No surprises.
Asioli Asioli May 29
Okay then
                              *pours water over sleeping person's face
                              WAKE THE FUCCK UP