Hey, Angel ° CASTIEL

Hey, Angel ° CASTIEL

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kim, i guess By merryspidermas Completed

in which she prays to an angel of the lord.

[castiel x celeste jacobs]
[supernatural; season seven-ish]

[voted best castiel fic spn awards 2016]
[voted best castiel fic tv and movie awards 2017]

  • action
  • angels
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  • cwsupernatural
  • deanwinchester
  • demons
  • dialogue
  • romance
  • samwinchester
  • schizophrenia
  • seasonseven
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  • vampires
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I though it said "In which she sprays an Angel of the Lord." 😂😂😂
DTDerpy DTDerpy Apr 26
This actually an extremely clever way of saying hospital gowns 👏👏
_parkju _parkju Nov 08, 2016
The song for this book should be 
                              Hey Angel by One Direction