Bad For You

Bad For You

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It's ebony, bitches. ♥ By EbonyGoddess Completed

Closed off from love, Kairo Young wasn't expecting to come across someone who would make him want to give love a try. Seeming to only attract women looking for a come up, comes to an end when he sets his eyes on one beauty and being a guy that goes after what he wants he makes no exception when he sees Asia Jennings.

Asia Jennings was not looking for love, all she wanted was to graduate college, she never knew coming across Kairo Young would turn her world upside down. 

Follow these two are they try to see if their love can prevail the haters, lies, and jealousy, or will they crumble under the pressure and be each others best mistake.

I can't believe how many of yall are vouching for tuna like it's good😂😂😂
Queen_Blossom Queen_Blossom 17 hours ago
Bishes see a baller and don't know how to act 😂😂😂😂 #JK
Jasmine143mb Jasmine143mb 3 days ago
I turn my messed up jeans into shorts that I can wear at home. 😂
Jasmine143mb Jasmine143mb 3 days ago
Ew. 😷 that's how you get herpes. 😒 kissing random people and you don't know where their lips have been. Smh.
akaris_mommy akaris_mommy 2 days ago
Brown...Paper...Bag smashing yo hoe on the low and she calling me dad *offset voice*
Jasmine143mb Jasmine143mb 3 days ago
If it's five or more, you round up. Nigga. You might as well say that you're 30. 😒😑