The Queen's Slave  {Born a Slave Series}

The Queen's Slave {Born a Slave Series}

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Kaytlyn ✨ By herlittlenightmare Updated Mar 02


I was at the mercy of the queen of vampires and she was staring at me as if she'd never see someone quite like me before. I supposed it was because she was, in fact, the queen and I doubted no one was brave enough to defy her all that often. 

The queen took a step toward me as her eyes bored into mine. She was trying to intimate me, and oh was it working. But I forced myself to stand tall and not  cower in front of her. She stepped closer, forcing me to back up unless I wished for our chests to touch. I gulped and scrambled backwards, cursing when I smacked into the wall. I shrieked in surprise and fear when her hands slammed down on either side of my head, and the wall shook with the force of it. She bent her head down and I felt her lips as they brushed my ear. 

 "You will allow them to bathe you, or I will do it." She promised in a low voice that made my stomach twist. 

And then she was off me and out the door in a matter of seconds, leaving me dazed and in the company of the two girls who stared at me if I were a circus act. 


•this is my version of another series•

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