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wanderlust (edited)

wanderlust (edited)

50.5K Reads 1.6K Votes 18 Part Story
dahlia franchot By vanilla_coke Completed

"You need to know," James says while he pulls on his hoodie, "that I'm not interested in a relationship." He swallows, staring at the wall as if there's something hidden inside of it. He turns back to me, "I just want a friend."  Tara Williams wants to leave. She wants to get out of little Queensland, Alabama. Get away from all the pressure and expectations that fall upon her thanks to her older, more successful siblings. And James Braxton is just the guy to help her with that.

SlayZee_ SlayZee_ Aug 22, 2016
This family took the saying be fruitful and multiply very seriously 😂
-wallflowerr -wallflowerr May 30, 2016
I noticed that this story doesn't have a lot of comments so... Hi
TiniPenguin TiniPenguin Feb 02, 2015
i re read the first line of the book and you are a genious!!
TiniPenguin TiniPenguin Jan 31, 2015
how many children are in there family?? holy crap i count like a lot
bookofstories bookofstories Mar 22, 2014
This story is really really good! Love the characters and the plot isn't too cliche which is good!! Can't wait to read more :)
TessaMxdori95 TessaMxdori95 Jan 23, 2014
YAY!! Jake Abel!!! he always makes the best villains. He's pretty cute, too ;D