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Read for Read

Read for Read

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emostrica emostrica 3 days ago
Title: Dear Nobody
                              Genre: Teen Fiction
                              Chapters: 2
Hopetastic17 Hopetastic17 3 days ago
Title: Dear Kookie
                              Genre: Fanfiction/Random
                              Chapters: 17
                              Status: complete
                              Read for Read and Vote for Vote
                              Description: in which Yoongi writes letters to his cheating boyfriend, Jungkook
                              Pm me.
autumnchey autumnchey 4 days ago
Hi! I have a recently completed book neighborhood, and im trying to boost tbe stats on it... I am willing to do Read4Read,Vote4Vote,Comment4Comment, and follow4follow... If you're intrested pm me and we can make a deal!
mexoxoem mexoxoem 2 days ago
Title : secrets of a badboy
                              Genre : romance
                              chapters: 7 i think xD
                              this is a mature book.
                              i want to find people who will read my book, like properly and not skip and i am also up for vote for vote and comment.  it is mature also, but right now no mature bits have come up
Itzregina Itzregina 3 days ago
Title: bullied to Death 
                              Genre: Teen Fiction
                              Author: Itzregina 
                              Read for read, and even a review for review
JustDiandre JustDiandre 3 days ago
☆ Read for Read ☆
                              Title: You are in Love
                              Genre: Boy's Romance