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Falling For You | ✓

Falling For You | ✓

73.2K Reads 3K Votes 33 Part Story
specialgarbage By SplatteredInkJet Completed

Pacifica Pines; curious, adventurous and vulnerable. 
      Dipper Gleeful; cocky, sharp and devilishly handsome.
      Secrets unravelled, truths unfolded, and mysteries untangled.
      What happens when two completely different worlds crash into each other? 
      What are the consequences to knowing information you aren't supposed to know?
      Or even worse.
      * * * 
      Watch as the worlds collide into themselves.
      Art: @ariamjan
      Fanfiction of Gravity Falls
      Rev!Gravity Falls AU
      Dipcifica Fanfiction (Dipper x Pacifica)

teavix teavix Sep 19, 2016
Dipper: *Snaps Selfie with Bill statue*
                              Bill statue: *Starts glowing and vibrating and explodes*
                              Bill: Gravity Falls good to be back
                              Mabel: You just had to pretend you were a normal preteen didn't you!?
amywasaby amywasaby Nov 20, 2016
You guys are weird... 
                              And this is the where I should be hanging out with cause I'm weird too!!!! 
                              I'm not myself... So don't take any sentences literally 😸
killws killws Aug 12, 2016
Me: I am just too excited.
                              Friend: Literally. You're practically jumping around the room
                              Me: Hey! That's mean *pouts*
                              Friend: Whatever
As a Ravenclaw I read only the best books. So let's start this feels train, shall we?
- - Jun 13, 2016
My heart is pounding against my ribs because the ship is so intense. (Insert Oh, you face here)
Bella_gleeful509 Bella_gleeful509 Nov 29, 2016
                              Me(Bill's evil accomplice):Hey Bill,pine tree's on his bed right now!It's ur chance now! *Smirks*
                              Bill:*evil cackle* Tks Ash,Pine tree ur mine now!!!Hahahahaha!!!
                              Me:*Takes out camera n whispers*It's BILLDIP time...*Fangirls excitedly*