Strip Me

Strip Me

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Hael By heavenandhael Updated Mar 17, 2016

This book tackles taboos, sexual themes, vulgar language, and even violence. Read at your own discretion.

To all the minors who will read this story, are you really sure about this?

[Name], one of the best young adult spies in Japan, happen to get a mission and it is situated in Sin City, a strip club home to fine young men around her age. She is focused on her work but will they get to her nerves and make her focus on them instead of her target?

An AU you thought you never needed.

Admin Sara of is one of my inspirations for this AU. Go check her AMAZING writing there.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Haikyuu and its characters. MOST headcanons are from justsportsimagines which I'd be linking after every chapter I post a certain scenario that happens to use it/them. (Did I even make it clear? I do not know)

All I own is this book, reader's personality, the plot, and my sins.

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twishungry twishungry Mar 30, 2016
No wonder why kuroo wasn't the owner of the club...He is the stripper himself...LOL I WOULD SIGN UP FOR VIP ON THAT CLUB AND HAVE ALL THIZ STRIPPERS AROUND ME
idgafromyou idgafromyou Dec 22, 2016
My expectations.. 
                              I thought Sugamama would be a bartender too, because he's an innocent cinnamon roll. 
                              Now, he's a sinnamon roll.
KHRIky KHRIky Mar 07, 2016
Whoa~ This is super cool so far and reader-chan is already badass to me, hehe
FazuGi FazuGi Sep 22, 2016
                              All the ladies be drooling over daichi's thighs 😂😂😂 and bokuto just being goofy but  then going into sexy predator mode when its time to do the (dew lol) do 
                              Kuroo would prob be a slick lil bitch
                              Akaashi's just like //sigh// why is this my life...
puffymarshmallows puffymarshmallows Jun 09, 2016
                              Idk what I'm doing with my life
twishungry twishungry Mar 30, 2016
I expected it to be Kuroo or Oikawa maybe even Tanaka...lololol Really unexpected