You Will Regret Rejecting Me

You Will Regret Rejecting Me

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Hi, my name is Chloe Maka. I'm the daughter of Paea and Katherine Maka, Beta of the Moonstone Pack. I have a twin brother named Corey and a younger brother named Daniel. My twin is the future beta of the pack. His best friend Xavier is the soon to be alpha. He has a younger sister who's the same age as me and Corey but for some reason she hates me, and since she is the alpha's daughter  everyone hates me too including my mate who just so happens to be Xavier and he just so happened to reject me the first day he recognised me as his mate.
without giving me a reason whatsoever he rejected me and treated me like trash, and for that he WILL regret rejecting ME!


Hello everyone!! this is a story I've been working on with one of my best friends Gloria!! We actually started this when we were like in the 9th grade which was nearly 6 years ago .... wow..  anyways we decided to finish it and decided to share this story on this awesome site! I hope you enjoy it! if you have seen this story on any other site please message me and let me know, we've posted this story on another site but haven't updated in ages because of school exams and have forgotten the password so we can no longer continue uploading on that story :( but anyways i hope you enjoy reading this story as much as we enjoy writing it!

Lots of Love x Sarah & Gloria

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TonnyZarin TonnyZarin Aug 25
I've read this story in quotev... will u continue it there??
- - Aug 18, 2016
Im the exact same way, I cant go to sleep after I wake, if I were to wake up at 3am I wouldnt be able to go back to sleep so I just run around the house for 3 more hours. So I literay only get 3 hours of sleep some nights. Because I go to sleep at midnight, sometimes later/earlier...
sioana_asaeli sioana_asaeli Aug 15, 2016
OMFG!!! Finally a book that has a Tongan character. I'm half Samoan and half Tongan.
sioana_asaeli sioana_asaeli Aug 15, 2016
I thought it was teti? Sorry I didn't mean to correct. I'm pretty sure you know more but that's what my dad and his siblings called my grandpa. Teti
taelevision_ taelevision_ Aug 14, 2016
Shiz. I forgot that I have mascara on and my fave is full of tears...
name_s_aphrodisiac name_s_aphrodisiac Dec 23, 2016
I choose you, Luke. Based on the descriptions (yes, I am that shallow) likes description suits my type best.