My Enemy, My Mate

My Enemy, My Mate

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"You are mine! Mine only!" Hot breaths send shivers down my spine as he cornered me to the wall.

"But how? I can't be...what-" He smashes his lips down on mine as I grabbed onto him to refrain from falling  due to my weak legs. He releases my captured lips a little while later, not to my liking as he stared into my eyes with eyes as dark as night, filled with lust, passion and love.

"What about our packs?"

"We will settle that later. For now, let's just enjoy our moment while it lasts." He says shortly before capturing my lips with his addictive cinnamon and honey tasting lips which just makes me want more and more....

Ashley March is the only daughter of the Alpha of the Blue Knights pack. Many people thinks she is quiet and innocent what no ones know is her true self, the side which is never shown to anyone, not even her parents. Like what they say...Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.

Jace Light is the Alpha of the Black Nights pack. Reserved and collected, he never asks for a war unless another pack threatens his. Alpha at the age of 17, his father always makes sure that he doesn't fool around with other she-wolves and to only be true to his mate but what his father doesn't know is that his heart was only beating for his yet to be seen mate who he knows he will immediately fall in love with at first sight.

Love. A bond between two. An unbreakable bond. A bond that will never be destroyed despite all troubles. A bond which will be worked hard to hold on to. No matter what stands in their way, they will fight their way out together or will they not?

Stay tune to find out how their love story will end. Happy or Sad, it's up to you to decide.

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(Am I the only one who doesn't watch or read shadow hunters...)
besides anything chocolate all hail lemon flavoured desserts
you know it's funny how she got caught up on how dirty her 'father's jewels' were but not thinking how dirty 'lifeless and soft' is as well
CindyKlein3 CindyKlein3 6 days ago
I'm a true food lover and I have people who can justify that fact
ashia6803 ashia6803 Jan 08
Jace light? Jace Lightwood? Have you been reading the shadow hunters series😏😏😏😏
evekaush1 evekaush1 Oct 01, 2016
Cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught I love I will you marry me?