To Save My Daughter

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Book One: Ava, a single mother; works hard to support herself and her daughter Grace. Ava is no different for any other mother in the world; she'd do anything to protect her child. What she thought was just a typical night at home, changed her life forever. After pleading with Grace to take out the trash, nothing in her life would be the same. Who would have thought that vampires were real.
@Shattered_Violet okay I will spend my time focusing on that in my comments. Moving on...
haha romance in my life is a carton of ice cream and a kindle. amen to that sister. I love your writing style already. You've added humour and maturity perfectly.
A great chapter overall . The change in tenses got me a bit confused and there were some typos. A mother's POV is new and interesting to read.
I like that we're getting a mothers perspective since that doesn't happen often. There's a few tense changes and grammatical mistakes. I think there could be a bit more about the background of the characters, but otherwise a good start to the story
This was a a great start! I love how a mom is the protagonist, I've seen anime shows with moms as the mc and they are pretty badass. This got me hooked! I love the cursing you put in there. I just think you should've described your daughter a little more.
This first chapter really caught my attention with the mystery and suspense that was brought in.  As everyone else said the perspective of a mother is very different and refreshing.  There were a few places I saw some tense change as well.