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16 Degrees

16 Degrees

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Kyra Blackthorn By ChasingMadness24 Completed

"College. A new beginning.  A new place.  A new obstacle. Everyone is mature.  It's nothing like High School. That's what they tell us,  but I'm here to tell you they lied."

Avery Ross has always been different. Having a professor father and a lawyer mother Avery was taught at a very young age to work hard.  Shes know as a "Prodigy" in the Ross household.  When her principal tells her father that Avery is to skip Junior and Senior year,  Avery's father enrolls her in the college  he works at. Wanting her to live the full experience he buys her an apartment and tells her to get a job  and roommate.  After putting up ads all over the school for a roommate Avery doesn't expect the schools walking disaster to show up at her door step begging for a place to stay. Is Ryder Davenport as bad as everyone makes him out to be? Is he just some rich boy putting on a show? Or is he something more? Can a sixteen year old girl really make it through college?

"I could have you if I wanted you, Avery. You are so naive." He moved his arms around me so I was trapped. I opened my mouth and stared up at him.

"You're parents are even more naive. I wonder sometimes if they would have let any guy move in here with you. Or did they just pick me because they actually trust me?" I couldn't move. I was scared of what he was going to do next.

"You're cute, Kitten." He whispered, his voice husky. He let his hand brush against my cheek.

"And completely off limits." He said, his warm breath against my neck sent a shiver through me. He pulled himself away from me before stealing a package of my Pop Tarts and leaving me to stare after him.

Cover by @TheWorldWasQuiet

KinderKari KinderKari 6 days ago
That is really upsetting to see that her dad is choosing her path and making decisions for her... I feel really sorry 😐
KinderKari KinderKari 6 days ago
I always love to come back to your writing, it is just one of the kind. I like how you have a message in each one of them and how they differ from one another. Keep up the amazing work! 💕
MoonTears2 MoonTears2 4 days ago
Wait, your okay with your 16 year old daughter dating 19 and up guys? Huh. Okay.why not...
KinderKari KinderKari 6 days ago
I hope she still stays in contact with both of them. If they are someone close, she won't just forget about them. It is really unfair that she has to move somewhere where she doesn't want to go. She has the right to decide for herself what's best for her 😌
I mean she can still have the same best friend.. my best friends live far away
Natasha_EST19xx Natasha_EST19xx Mar 20, 2016
This breaks my heart cause it reminds me of my ex cause he used to say it all the time and we broke up cause of distance)):