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Forgotten Darkness (Naruto FanFic)

Forgotten Darkness (Naruto FanFic)

783K Reads 36.9K Votes 53 Part Story
gaara119 By gaara119 Completed

Keira- a young, hurt girl who longs for companionship. Driven out of every village, she eventually arrives at Konoha. She settles down their and joins the ninja academy. What will happen? Will she make friends, or continue to be closed off? Will she finally find someone who won't forget about her? Someone she can protect with all her heart, simply because they accept her? Or will she continue to be an outcast, never knowing the meaning of love? Read on to find out. (NWA 1st PLACE WINNER)

UnidragonsUnited UnidragonsUnited Mar 12, 2016
                              LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF VIEWS
                              *SQUIRTS HOLY WATER EVERYWHERE*
                              AAAAAAGH EVERYONE RUN
Sniper_Chick02 Sniper_Chick02 Oct 27, 2016
I'm sorry, but I laughed at the "a loner," part... Ok, continue...
infinity_kaneki infinity_kaneki Sep 14, 2016
I'm just looking at the comments randomly and I see : THE BOOK IS SATAN I haven't even read the book yet but I think it'll be a good one XXDXDXDXDXD
BlueIceFox BlueIceFox Jan 13, 2016
Like attack on Titan at first it is boring but it blooms into the most epic anime
chocopupkit chocopupkit Dec 17, 2015
I dont comment alot because I dont have permanent internet but I can vote just dont expect alot of comments from me
Jazeoth Jazeoth Dec 07, 2015
Oops, I didn't realize that I was reading the sequel. Well I have to read this first. XD