Mind and Matter

Mind and Matter

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gina By ginawriter Updated 10 hours ago

Having grown up with above average intelligence and an affinity for analyzing people's personalities, Emerson has always had trouble fitting in. 

Leo, on the other hand, knows exactly what it feels like to fit in. But after his father sends him to live with his grandparents in a small Maryland town, he makes a commitment to alienate himself from everyone.

His plans are rather simple: survive senior year and never see this town again afterwards. 

That is until the girl with the curly hair catches him smoking one day in September and becomes the key to turning his life around for the better. And until the guy with the cigarette and more disappointment in life than anyone Emerson has ever met helps her see the world in a point of view she never realized she needed. 

And so it turns out that when mind meets matter, it's not always one over the other...

kt-nutella kt-nutella Nov 16
I'm such a worrier and I honestly feel bad for everyone I always stress to bc I know how annoying I am being all worried for something they prob wouldn't think twice about
sidebiitch sidebiitch Nov 03
oh my god yes. I have a couple pairs of jeans that dont have pockets and im just like really???? who tf came up with this idea?!
chemichaels- chemichaels- 3 days ago
Only Castiel (SPN) can make people really flustered... What did you do?
Her: *See's a tan line* Okay, so she's a recent divorcé, is stressed and doesn't get a lot of sleep.
                              Me: *sees a tan line* I miss summer
Aziraaz Aziraaz Nov 27
This is kinda crazy yall. 
                              I have curly hair. 
                              I have 2 younger brothers
                              I live in Maryland
                              My brothers and I have soccer jerseys 
                              I have encountered a cute guy with a cigarette before in SEPTEMBER 
                              Idk if I'm being dramatic but to me this is kinda freaky
Reason why they exclude pockets is actually so we're forced to buy their purses and bags I heard