The Dead Among Us

The Dead Among Us

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Yasmin By Yasminwriter Updated Dec 12, 2017

"The girl with the black hair was a living tragedy. Her smile could light up the darkest abyss - but more often than not, her mind became that dark abyss, and that was nothing to smile about. Her eyes were galaxies, her hidden constellations of words floating through the nebulas between - but more often than not, her stars would collide and black holes would consume her sanity until she was nothing but a dying wisp of dust. What a tragedy she was, indeed." 

[oc x Daryl Dixon] 

Seasons: 3- on going. 

Currently: Season 8. 


if you have something against age gaps, then don't read my story. They're in the middle of an apocalypse for gods sakes. The least thing on everyone's minds right now is a freaking age gap. Lucy's 19 and Daryl's 39. Deal with it.

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noting noting Aug 15, 2017
I believe as long as both parties are of consenting age who's business is it as to who loves who?
haleightwd haleightwd Aug 08, 2017
Glenn ! I miss him so much😭 and "I'm Korean.." I love that line and more by Glenn
KittyChooxp KittyChooxp Aug 21, 2017
woah woah woah this is kidnapping someone come get Rick he need some milk
Ice_queenAwsome Ice_queenAwsome Dec 18, 2017
Ok so I dont care about age gabs so as long as they are not more than 25 years ilder than each other than im gucci
my-hero-strips my-hero-strips May 16, 2017
20 years isnt too big a difference. My grandparents are 30 tears apart.
jnoriega85 jnoriega85 Apr 25, 2017
Just found this story and I'm loving it already. On to read more. 😊❤️