Baby Fat

Baby Fat

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"Change is not good or bad. Change is change."

Bradley Johnson has lived all of his life with standards: standards to look a certain way and standards to act a certain way. When the standards for him start to rise, he'll do anything to achieve them, even if that means killing himself in the process. His life is crumbling, piece by piece, and he's going down with it.

Corrie Hughes has been fucked over enough for six people's lifetimes. He accepts that everyone betrays everyone, hell, he will be the first one to admit to screwing someone over. He doesn't think he'll ever change because he's the boy with a past full of mistakes. When his life goes from bad to worse, he doesn't know if he should let his life keep slipping through his fingertips or hold on with all he has.

Highest Ranking: #14 in Teen Fiction
• 1st place in The Mystical Awards (July 2017)
• 3rd place in The Dreamer Awards (2017)

Updates: sporadic

***WARNING*** This book is not edited (at all), and there are so many inaccuracies. There are so many mistakes and flaws. Don't be afraid to comment/PM me with any respectful reviews that discuss these problems.

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