Stay Beside Him || Jimin BTS

Stay Beside Him || Jimin BTS

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~ XX ~ By mitsu_xx Completed

Park Jimin an idol and Som Baerim a completely average girl, haven't seen each other in years but what happens when they meet again at a funeral and are destined to be married?

Have Jimin and Baerim moved on from their complicated past or will this sudden event bring them back to the difficulties?

Is it going to be easy? I think not.

Warning: Contains Some Smut! Not a lot but in some scenes!

Stick around and read Stay Beside Him!

2016 || 02 || 28

2016 || 04 || 18

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SugaKookiesEtTae SugaKookiesEtTae Jul 01, 2017
Previously on keeping up with the kardashians ( I don't even like that show but I just had to😂)
I love Ahjuma Dalia's will! I wish I was Baerim rn lol ❤️😂
sugapplum sugapplum Aug 13, 2017
Ang nakaraan sa la luna sangere😂😂😂 charot di ako nanonood ng telebisyon
Park_Jimins_Illegirl Park_Jimins_Illegirl Dec 19, 2017
                              Baerim: No, Thank you...
                              Me: 😭😭😭
princess_raita princess_raita Sep 23, 2017
Ok so....coincidentally my nanny's name was Dalia and she was hangukeol (Korean) wow......
ManlyJungkookie ManlyJungkookie Jun 16, 2017
its saranghae not sarangehyo but its ok everybody make mistake😜