The Emperor's Guardian {Spamano}

The Emperor's Guardian {Spamano}

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Crybaby Wolf By SpamanoKnight Updated Nov 20, 2016

"Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime." ~Mineko Iwasaki

Emperors and kings are thought to be unerring and akin to gods, but that is not the case every time. There is always someone who disagrees. Someone who thinks they are not worthy to be sitting on the throne. Someone oftentimes close.

Secret lover of sadistic Emperor Lovinus, General Antonius of Hispania must figure out who is trying to assassinate the Roman emperor before it's too late, all while turmoil bubbles up in the declining empire through the expanding Germanic tribes, financial issues, and fatal rebellions cropping up. 

Yet... Could there be more to Lovino than meets the eye? What important information could he be withholding that he won't even tell Antonio?

((May change the title... again.))

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artie-cles artie-cles May 07
*throwing confetti all over the air* YUSS!!! A SPAMANO HISFIC (Historical Fiction)!!! Thank you.... Thank you for making this story during the Ancient Roman Civilization/Roman Empire.... I'M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR HISTORY!!! ( ;∀;)
BriarThorns BriarThorns Jul 05, 2016
If Lovino is Caesar does that mean he will be killed by all of his friends. . .
BriarThorns BriarThorns Jul 05, 2016
Im reading this in Spains english dub voice and I'm laughing so much I'm crying. XS
BriarThorns BriarThorns Jul 05, 2016
Im so excited!!!!! This looks like the beginning of an amazing book!!!
weirdanimewriter weirdanimewriter Sep 19, 2016
I was rendered speechless throughout this entire thing... er- more like typeless, but meh. Still awesome!
GalaxiesStars GalaxiesStars Apr 10, 2016
*weird shrieking noises* This is amazing!!!!! Sad yet amazing!